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Be empowering.

Here at The Jiamoda, we’re changing the game. Part of our mission is to bring out every fashionista’s unique style. Nowadays, with the influence of social media personalities, it’s very easy to lose one’s sense of individuality– which results to almost every women, especially on Instagram, to look the same. Make-up wise and style-wise.

We want you to stand out and be YOU. 

Team Member Benefits:

  • Guest PostsBeing a part of our team gets you the opportunity to write fashion-related articles AND post your pictures on our blog. This gives you the chance to make your voice heard and for you to show off your unique style!
  • Exclusive discounts. Get members-only %OFF and/or Free Shipping offer codes on Shop JIAMODA
  • Get featured on our Instagram. Simply post a picture wearing clothes from Shop JIAMODA. Tag us (@TheJiamoda) and use our hashtag #TeamJIAMODA.
  • Model for us. You are our modelWe don’t need to look any further, our team members are our models. Regardless of what you look like, Send us a review/photo of you wearing the item/s from our store and we’ll add it on Shop Jiamoda 
  • Receive free clothes! 


  1. Must be U.S based.
  2. Must have a minimum of 200 ACTIVE following on Instagram.
  3. Must take good quality photos.
  4. Instagram must be PUBLIC.
PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM INBOXES. We will be reaching out to you through email if you have been approved.




*Applications will be sent under review. Please allow up to 24 hours to be approved. Contact us or send us a DM on Instagram if follow-up email was never received.

*Requirements subject to change.