About Us




If one was to do a research on the founders/owners of the biggest clothing brand/stores in the industry, chances are, 99.9% are businessmen. What’s interesting is they specialize on women’s clothing. As successful businessmen, they know that a woman’s kryptonite is shopping. So they take advantage of it and capitalize. This results to the quality of their products not being the best because that’s not what they are mainly focused on.

That is one of the reasons why The Jiamoda came to life.

As a store who specializes in ladies apparel, it’s only fitting for us to be run by women. Helping women to be comfortable in their own bodies is our mission. Taking one step at a time to become better, our team puts ourselves in the shoes of our customers and come up with solutions in modern day fashion through our clothes. 

We know how clothes shopping can get and it’s our job to make sure our customers have the best experience by not only offering much more affordable prices, but also better quality.

As a small company, all team members have hands-on expertise to every nook and cranny on our products. With this experience, we can offer our customers a much more specialized one-on-one customer service.

Here at Jiamoda, we’re working hard everyday to make sure we accommodate women of all shapes and sizes.

We’re not only here to carry clothing. We help women bring out their own style. Jiamoda isn’t going to magically change anyone’s body shape, no. We’re not miracle workers, we’re helpers. We help work with what you’re blessed with.