Warm & Edgy 🌬

It sure is cold in New York (sometimes.) for it to be summer.

But as someone who just recently moved here from Hawaii, I’ll take it. Summers in Hawaii are just too much for my skin to handle with all the humidity.

You must think I’m crazy to choose the cold over Summer in Hawaii but come on now, I’ve lived there for forever and I want something new. A change.

I’m the type of person who likes change. Good or bad, I always look at the brighter side of things. I’m always striving for improvement. I refuse to see myself be in the same exact position as I was years ago.

The same goes for my style. It’s always changing. I used to be so frustrated in myself cuz I didn’t know how to dress. I was the girl who stuck with her Converse and plain jeans and a T-shirt.

Although my style changes all the time, one certain look that is gonna stick with me is Edgy.

Now I can’t really explain you what edgy is because it’s different for everyone. What edgy means to me might be different from your perspective and that’s fine.

Anyway, in this outfit I just honestly wanted to be warm but still cute. Not sure if that’s the word tho 🤔

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